Calculation of an individual exhaust header for your project

Calculation of valve spring pressures for specified RPMs / boost levels.

Design of parts according to your individual specifications.

Exhaust header calculation

The purpose of every exhaust manifold is to optimise the power and torque curve of the engine. To achieve this goal, you need a manifold with optimised and tuned manifold tube lengths, diameters and routing. Determining these characteristics for your individual engine is the goal of the exhaust header calculation. Based on the calculated data, a manifold with optimal cross-section ratios and pipe lengths can be made that will achieve a very good result right from the start!


Engineering – Exhaust header calculation

Engine calculation
The specification for the targeted power, the rev range and the desired engine characteristics comes from you and I calculate the engine as a starting point for the following exhaust manifold calculation.
If possible, all data from the engine should be provided. An up-to-date performance diagram / dyno sheet is very helpful!
Individual advice on the choice of a suitable manifold design in prior to calculation
Calculation of the ideal parameters for the exhaust header:
– Pipe diameter of the different manifold runners
– Pipe lengths of the different manifold runners
Documentation of the calculation results
– Calculated and available pipe diameters
– Calculated and recommended pipe lengths of the manifold branches
Calculated and recommended overall manifold length

additional services:

Manufacture of the calculated exhaust manifold by Abgastechnik Hiller
Calculation of the optimised total length of the exhaust system
Calculation of the optimised diameter of the exhaust system

SRT race exhaust manifold TU5J4 / TU5JP4 1,6 16v
SRT race exhaust manifold TU 8v KitCar
SRT race exhaust manifold TU 8v
SRT race exhaust manifold XU10J4RS 2,0 16v "KitCar"

Based on the results of the exhaust header calculation, an optimised, individual exhaust manifold can be made for your vehicle at the first attempt. Extensive tests on the dyno are not necessary, no matter how unique your engine is!

Valve train design & calculation

When it comes to achieving the highest possible engine rpms, power or boost levels, it is essential to know the required valve spring pressures. The required values can be calculated with the aid of the valve spring calculation.


Engineering – Valve train design & calculation

Precise measurement of the weight of the valve train components
Calculation of the required valve spring pressures for:
– different rpms
– different camshaft profiles
– different valve spring configurations
– different boost pressure levels
Documentation of the calculation results

additional services:

Measurement of valve springs using a valve spring tester
Entwicklung von individuellen Ventilfeder-Setups
Development of custom valve spring set-ups
Selection of suitable components for the valve train

valve spring measurements
valve spring measurements
SRT TU5J4 / TU5JP4 16v special valve spring setup (hydraulic lifters)
SRT TU5J4 / TU5JP4 16v special valve spring setup (hydraulic lifters)
SRT special valve spring setup TU5J4 / TU5JP4
SRT special valve spring setup TU5J4 / TU5JP4

3D CAD design

Computer Aided Design (CAD) describes the computer-aided technical drawing of parts with the help of dedicated software. Precise designs and drawings are required by the manufacturing industry.

Dipl.-Ing. Sebastian Schmidt - Engineering
Dipl.-Ing. Sebastian Schmidt

As a mechanical engineer, I first implement your requirements and ideas in a CAD design.
Afterwards, this forms the basis for a production-ready drawing or a 3D data set / model for manufacturing.
Thanks to many years of experience with various CAD systems, I can help you in a quick and uncomplicated way!


Engineering – 3D CAD design

CAD design of parts and assemblys according to customer requirements:
Autodesk Inventor 3D
Autocad / Mechanical 2D
Modification of existing drawings and components
Static stress analysis using FEM simulation
Delivery of 3D models in popular 3D formats (*.iges, *.step, *.stl)
Production-ready drawings
3D printable design

Engineering - SRT BMW Ventilfederteller - Belastungsanalyse (FEM)
CAD – Konstruktion
Engineering - CAD-Konstruktion Riemenscheibe
CAD-Konstruktion Riemenscheibe
Engineering - Citroen C2 VTS Einzeldrosselklappenanlage
Citroen C2 VTS Einzeldrosselklappenanlage


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